Year in Review

Monday, 27 November 2017 12:00 AM

By Kathy Packenas from KP+Co
What a ride!

The last twelve months has seen the culmination of years of negotiation, intellectual gruntwork and nothing short of personal investment from members and staff of SIBA, Spatial Queensland and GITA. Bringing together three very different organisations under a single leadership and governance model to drive economic efficiency means "do more with less and keep the wheels on while you change". That is no trivial task.
Not only has the transformation required a complete rethink of how we provide high value services to our members, it has also required the transitioning of years of corporate knowledge as successive leaders have passed on the baton. And as can be expected, it's been a bumpy road at times. 
We are now at a point where we understand the baseline of member expectations across our region and we have commenced implementing initiatives championed by members that will reinforce our relevance as an industry in a rapidly shifting economy. It is this sharp focus on how we can empower members to collectively drive outcomes in the industry that is reforming many of our business-as-usual activities.
Branches across the region are seizing opportunities for members to learn more about each other and find common ground for advocacy and knowledge sharing. We have elevated APSEA to a showcase of our industry by celebrating entrants as well as winners, and engaging influential stakeholders in our recognition process. We are partnering with peer organisations in the identified growth sectors, as well as within our supply chain and in the broader business community to rapidly bring awareness to spatial information. 
The future is exciting. The 2026Agenda has provided a common framework for discussion about issues requiring work right across the industry. Our discussions with colleagues in the Institutes and Consulting Surveyors have highlighted a shared view that supporting our industry is a big job and one that requires all of the current effort and more. We all recognise our resource limitations and are actively looking for better ways to work together to achieve significant outcomes. 
We have a lot to be proud of as an industry, and I am delighted to contribute as one of the leadership voices. I am not a spatial professional by definition; I share your passion about its role in improving the way we live. I can't wait to work with you as we continue to strengthen and grow our community for the benefit of all.
Deanna Hutchinson, CEO, SIBA|GITA


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