How Resilient Cities is re-shaping our thinking

Monday, 27 November 2017 12:00 AM

Resilient Cities is a community engagement program that has been developed by SIBA|GITA to draw on the resources we have as a nation, to help map out and face the challenges of the day.

The Resilient Cities program includes events, podcasts, online forums and white papers.
At our events, attendees have been learning how individuals, teams and organisations are turning problems into opportunity – failure into learnings for all. Some of the key topics have been based around how spatial is working with other technologies, such as big data, to solve large, city-wide issues in a sustainable way on the local, national and international stage.
SIBA|GITA designed Resilient Cities after noticing that the industry wasn’t engaging with a wider audience to discuss how advancing technologies can make cities more secure and resilient.
At the events, the SIBA|GITA team spoke with attendees and presenters alike to hear their take on what “spatial” really is, and how they see spatial’s future. These interviews will be used as the basis of a communications campaign to inform and engage with a wide stakeholder group.
Feedback on the event series so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Members are feeling excited by the new and invigorating conversation topics. Industry professionals and members are feeling included and valued as a result of having a voice and buy-in to industry issues. It’s also creating a wonderful platform for SIBA|GITA to be able to use this content as part of communication activities, to benefit the industry as a whole.
At SIBA|GITA, we know that the Resilient Cities program has ignited a spark in our members, and because of this, we will be delivering more opportunities for discussion around the series in 2018. Stay tuned for registration dates and the video snippets which will be launched early in the New Year. 


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