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Monday, 27 November 2017 12:00 AM

As the spatial industry awards season is coming to a close, we’ve been honoured to recognise the industry’s elite with the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards in Tasmania, Western Australian, Victoria and New South Wales.
Hundreds of industry professionals have gathered over the past month to celebrate their colleagues’ outstanding achievements, at both an individual and business level. SIBA|GITA and SSSI have received dozens of entries from around the nation.
You can read the full list of winners from each state here, and we’ve received some excellent media coverage from Spatial Source, Tasmanian Business Reporter and the Kingborough Chronicle.
SIBA|GITA CEO Deanna Hutchinson said that the calibre of entries speaks volumes about the New South Wales spatial industry.
“I am really impressed with the level of sophistication of the projects and technology developed by these businesses, and the dedication and drive of the industry’s best professionals.
“Many people don’t understand that spatial is ‘technology in place.’ It is a valuable business planning tool, infrastructure development tool and has huge impacts on the way Australian’s live their lives,” said Deanna.
Insight GIS Managing Director Robert Rowell, winner of the Tasmania People and Community Award, said that the team was incredibly honoured to receive such an accolade.
“It’s an amazing recognition of the work we’ve done, but also how we’ve been able to impact the lives of people living in Kingborough.
“Residents are now able to access information on the location of the closest bus stops, parks, schools, playgrounds, public toilets, fresh food outlets and community services, and how long it will take to walk there, within a 10 or 20-minute timeframe,” said Mr Rowell.
“What makes it unique is that it identified more than 140 “urban links” such as footpaths and cut- throughs that aren’t highlighted on other sources such as Google Maps. It’s great that the APSEA Awards are recognising us, and we’re looking forward to the National Awards next year.”
The winners of the awards in Queensland, Fiji and (individual) New South Wales will be announced before the end of 2017.
All winners of the state-based SSSI and SIBA|GITA Spatial Excellence Awards are entered into the national Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards to be held in Adelaide in April 2018.
For more information on the Awards, click here.


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