Member Benefits

Why become a member?

At a time when associations around the world are generally in flux, SIBA is adamant that the collective knowledge and support of an networked association is vital for the future sustainability of individuals and organisations. This view is validated by the current acceptance (and success) of the ‘sharing economy’ movement. We don’t simply mean “there is strength in numbers.” We genuinely believe there is strength in sharing knowledge and supporting one another in an authentic way. With this in mind, we work for—and on behalf of—our members.


We understand the significance and value of nurturing networks and we assist in connecting members with peers, suppliers, industry decision makers, and potential clients. To help foster these networks, we host a number of events throughout the year as well as facilitating introductions between individual members. In short, we’ll do everything possible to open the right doors for you. Of course, the larger SIBA grows, the more companies/industries we can attract, which enhances our ability to connect more effectively, so please encourage others in your network to consider becoming a SIBA member.


We focus on two areas of growth: assisting and promoting the growth of our members, and assisting and promoting the growth of the spatial industry. In terms of our members, SIBA offers a number of tools, including business related support and information, facilitating vital networking opportunities and  assisting in securing new business leads. In terms of the spatial industry, SIBA acts as an industry voice in relation to topical issues, we engage as a media liaison, we actively promote the spatial industry through various channels, and we help attract more skills to the industry via Destination Spatial.


We support our members through a number of business tools, saving them time and money which ultimately helps them run their businesses more effectively and more efficiently. SIBA also assists with advice, mentoring and relevant industry news. Our third party relationships include debt collection and vehicle purchase.


Advocacy is a core component of our activities. We work with, and for, our members to influence governments and external markets impacting our members business and the spatial industry, in general. Representing the private sector of the spatial industry, a critical facet of our work is to respond to various inquiries by government, agencies and others on topical issues for the industry. Given the diverse nature of the sector, there are many aspects of business and the economy that impact on our industry, from space policy to environmental management, and from national security to infrastructure. SIBA engages in all areas, and at all levels.

Lee Hellen of Land Solution Australia speaks about the importance of having a peak industry body like SIBA and their business tools to help spatial businesses.
What is the spatial industry? It's all around us. In your phone, GPS, construction plans. 80% of Australian government's decisions rely on spatial data. We are SIBA, the collective of our industry!